How to enter the YouTube game.

As a Youtuber I've been uploading videos on my channel:

since June 2016 and it's funny to see how fast the time flies bye. I tried different formats on my channel, from slideshows with music, to music videos, from unboxing and reviewing gear, to actually film my work and life.

Thats me thinking of my next sentence with the Canon G7X MK II camera.

Thats me thinking of my next sentence with the Canon G7X MK II camera.

Starting to film, edit and upload was a very important step for me. I wanted to stay creative and produce something, even I didn't had a camera job or was booked for filming. Also this is something personal and a behind the scenes of your own life. So you have the direct connection what you do - this is still fascinating to me.

On the other hand it still improves your style of filming, the editing you do and the general market situation of how to produce a video and for what reason. You can call it producing - costs of the gear, traveling, story and so on. It is the filmmaking process from A to Z in a tiny, tiny version. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.06.44.png
Most important thing for me is, that I want to share the moments - it is really about that.

Its very funny for me to watch myself six months after I did a video when I was in Greek and Miami. I switched languages from German to English, to figure out how to grow a bigger audience and reach more people - the German Youtube "market" is full of tryval (trying to be viral) videos and I wanted to create something new. 

Improving on your mental skills. I learned to talk to the camera an walk on a streets filled with people. I never thought that producing videos could help to improve my self confidence.

You can choose from so many themes and I decided to become the filming guy, the videographer and camera enthusiast who's living in Berlin. Thats a big point here: make clear what your channel has to offer and why people should subscribe. They need a reason and so do you.


My tips for uploading videos on youtube:

Everyone needs an orientation, your followers and yourself. So pick a theme that is really fun for you and you want something that you are actually doing. It's hard to create a fantasy world, if you are doing something totally else the rest of the day. When playing videos games is your thing and you do that anyway two to three hours a day, why not starting with a gaming channel. If you are traveling and staying in hotels more then a regular person, thats a interesting point to think: should I document what I do? The reason is always to provide value - its a selling process without money. And if you provide enough value, this could make you money.

Good videos and good views means good feedback, brings more fun to create the videos.

Think of why people watch videos on youtube. The  learning effect and the entertaining aspect are the two most biggest reason of watching 3 or 5 clips per day. And for sure you want to play with gear, learn new methods and ways to edit.

Here is a list of my video blogging gear:

The most viewed video on my channel. Its about having a tripod.

The most viewed video on my channel. Its about having a tripod.


Canon G7X MK II /

For me this is the ultimate camera for documenting and filming everything around me. You have a flip display and can control everything manually. It's an absolutely workhorse and I'm caring it with me every time I travel and go. It survived a stunt with 60mph, just flew out of the windows, dropped on the floor and still running.

Sony A7S with a Sony 24-70 f.4 /

There were times where I wanted to improve the video game of recording myself. I bought a Sony A7S after I received first bills of my camera work. But slowly this turned out to be not my style of vlogging. It was big, heavy and no flip screen. Didn't trust the autofocus and had the feeling of getting this too early in the game. I think you have to grow with your channel, means also the camera gear should grow with you. Start with your Phone and work your way upwards - it's so much fun.


Joby GorillaPod Tripod /

No one wants shaky videos and when you're recording, you want to have the right angle of the scenery. Soon or later you'll get yourself a selfystick and this is the best one.

Sandisk Expreme Pro SDXC 64gb /

This brand never let's me down and 64gb is enough of more then 3 days vlogging. If you need more, you're either edit too slow and could produce more videos, or your forgetting to format your clips.

Last tips on your videos and youtube channel: make it visual good and clear to understand. You want to have your audience to also listen to your videos and make it easy to watch. Colours and lights are most attracted by our eyes and pixels where cool in 1980s. Use the microphone and clear your voice.

I wrote this blog while I'm in London and shooting a commercial and the vlog will be online soon. Hope you enjoyed this read and if you got future questions, let me know in the comments.