Filming with LEICA SL and the Vario 24-90mm

I bought the Leica SL and with it the 24-90mm lens which has stabilisation and an aperture of f2.8-4, of giving me the full potential to have a ready to shoot camera. Everyone bought the Sony A7S MK II or the Sony A7R MK II cameras and I didn't want to do that.

I wanted to archive a all time ready set, for portability and the flexibility of grading and color correction.

The sensors of the Sony cameras are likely blue and cold, therefore the Leica sensors aren't too yellow or orange, but between the line of blue and yellow. Not green as an Arri camera, neither red-cold like a Red Camera. Canon and the C-Serie wasn't interesting for me, because I'm tired of that look and feel what "contrast-canon" has to offer. The FS5 and FS7 are documentation cameras in my taste, so they are for tv. Blackmagic Ursa Mini - not for me.

I want to have something for the long run - also to be able to take photos. Here is my unboxing:

Is it a film camera? - yes, 100%. Photos? - of course. With 24 megapixel it makes the crossover from having a deep pixel sensor for contrast and saturation, to the megapixels you need for clean and high dynamic photos. A blog post earlier you can read why I haven't bought a "big" camera.

Made in Germany and the history this company has, is full grown out and let me say: you can't find something like this build and quality somewhere else. Thats why it costs $11k.

All knobs and wheels are where they should be and you can easily switch between recording video and taking a photo. Accessing all functions on every button you want. Handheld shots is one of my favourites and absolutely possible with this set up.

Talking about the lens, we all know that there are physical limits to glas and the size of lenses. When I was in the Berlin Leica Store I tested every lens they had. From the M lenses to the full manual lenses with apertures to f1.4 and for sure - ultimate bokeh - but for filming I go rarely under f2.0. So having the Vario 24-90mm it's a match for me. It comes with 18 glasses inside and a fast and silent auto focus. It creates a smooth bokeh and sharp and sympatic film look. You can shoot in L-Log which gives you a flat profile for color grading.

Availability and the price drop did a huge cast on me and after I tried the Leica SL for three days - which the store offers for free - I bought one, when I returned the camera on the same day.

I'm fascinated by so many facts and this wouldn't fit in one article, so I'll gonna post more of the camera soon. Here is a video where I filmed raw and applied my LUT afterwards.

You can buy the LUT here in my Shop.