You're packing your film equipment wrong - please stop.

Since a couple of years now I packed, lifted, carried and transported gear all over countries and cities. I learned a lot in camera rentals, packing for and with customers, rolled out live streaming events, had interview situations in nowhere places, shooting spontaneous commercials in the streets, recorded after movies in clubs and beach locations..all sorts of productions.

The goal of this text is that you think more on planning your shoot. Stop saying: maybe next time I don’t bring that and try to stop bother my back - because you’ve been carrying too much, too inefficient and again too much.

I try to be just right in place, time and space. So here is a little checklist I always do when I’m planning my shoot. Main argument: how many pieces, boxes, cases and bags do I have to carry.


Research of my location

  • Where am I shooting - inside, outside, studio, car.
  • How do I get there/travel options - flying, walking, train, car.
  • How is the weather - checking the forecast and tendencies.

First step for me is doing research about temperature and conditions. This reflect the clothes I’m wearing during the shoot and travel phases. A hoodie is a must for me all time.

Time management

  • When do I shoot - night or day, studio or location.
  • How long am I shooting - this is about batteries and memory space.
  • How much footage is needed for postproduction - does it make sense on shooting two days then one long day.

Second I try to concentrate on how the time will be arranged. I also take care of feeling fresh - there are times where you can’t change and have to wear what you have, no bathroom or hotel available. So very interesting point here: how much underwear and t-shirts are needed.


Style, look and quality

  • How many lenses, a zoom or fixed focals.
  • Soundsetup - mics, boomarm, fieldrecorder.
  • Lighting - small or big LEDs, stands and power.
  • Stabilisation - tripod, gimbal, slider.
  • Optical filters - NDs , effects and how to handle sun and shade.

Last and third point of the research is how the style and quality should be. For sure this is a basic and the most general question of all. But most important point here is to have a clear vision of how your clip/movie/production in result should look like. So therefore you need a specific management of your gear.


I might repurpose my ideas here and there to keep my blog and vision up to date.