Sebastian Weinmann

Sebastian Weinmann is a German videographer and content creator.


Sebastians main field of works includes social videos, travel videos and commercials.

He wants to drive the idea of advertising forward by providing story and engagement to the product.

My idea is to reinvent story telling and give advice and practical understanding of how to stage your product.

In his personal work, he documents life and his surrounding.


I was born 1985 in a small village near Heidelberg/Germany. Playing soccer, skateboarding and listening to Rock and HipHop were the first steps I did. After playing in a Band, I geared up with camera equipment and synthesizer.

I went to Berlin to study director for film and television, shortly after I became a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade, after I completed  the school of economics.

Since I'm 12 years old I'm always on the search for new possibilities to express myself and push my filming vision.

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